MCA and the Office of the Public Guardian role

Valid deputyship court orders

When presented with a deputyship court order, it is important to check its validity and if there are any conditions or restrictions specified in the order. A deputyship court order is only valid if the order has a stamp on the front page showing the date the order was issued, and an embossed Court of Protection stamp on the bottom right of every page in the order. You can also search OPGs register to confirm that someone has a deputy acting for them.

When checking a deputyship court order, please also look for:

  • the name of the deputies
  • the name of the person they are making decisions for
  • the type of decisions the deputy can and cannot make for the person who lacks capacity
  • whether the deputies are to act jointly, or jointly and severally, when more than one deputy is appointed

For more examples of valid orders, search for ‘Power of attorneys and deputy orders: valid examples’ on GOV.UK.